Commercial Litigation, Business Transactions, Commercial Collections, and New Business Start Ups

Business Law

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation cases often start with the facts. As a small law firm, we go over every detail of the facts of your case. Our size allows us to give you this kind of personal attention, painstakingly determining every aspect and objective. We then apply the latest computer research tools available to do all we can to create exemplary results for our clients: the kind of results that large firms often strive to achieve. At the Goldberg Law Group, we bring our clients the best of large-firm commercial litigation know-how but with the personal attention available at small law firms.

We have over 15 years of experience in commercial litigation; including trial-level and appellate-level experience that helps us delve into complex legal issues.

We handle a broad range of commercial litigation for small to medium sized businesses (whether partnerships, corporations or limited liability companies), as well as individuals, including the following, amongst others:

  • Breach of Contract Cases – Disputes relating to the violation of any type of commercial or business agreement.
  • Misrepresentation and Fraud Cases – Commercial or business disputes stemming from an intentional misstatement or misrepresentation of a material fact, that led to substantial damages.
  • Breach of Non-Compete Agreements – Disputes between Employers and former employees relating to the violation of a Covenant or Agreement not to compete with a former employer. In this context, we have fought for, and against, the granting of a Preliminary Injunction in favor of the former Employer.
  • Breach of Non-Disclosure Agreements – Disputes relating to the violation of an Agreement not to disclose certain sensitive material or information; sometimes these Agreements revolve around client lists or the like.
  • Breach of Confidential or Trade Secret Covenants or Agreements
    Disputes relating to the violation of an agreement, often with a former Employer, to keep certain information confidential, or that certain information would be considered “Trade Secrets”.
  • Breach of Employment Agreements – Disputes relating to the breach of an Employment Agreement, sometimes by an Employer, such as a failure to pay a salary agreed upon pursuant to the Agreement or Contract; or to honor a severance, termination or pension provision of the Employment Agreement; or disputes relating to a breach by the former employee, who fails to honor a non-compete agreement.
  • Disputes between Brokers and former Salesmen or Saleswomen – We have assisted former salespeople who are subject to frivolous litigation by a former Broker/Employer who attempts improperly to prevent the former salesperson from earning a living in the real estate industry, or who attempts improperly to sue, and to obtain an injunction against, the former salesperson for alleged improper actions relating to transactions or clientele.
  • Partnership or Shareholder Disputes – These dispute cover a wide variety of issues that may arise between or among partners, or shareholders, or interest owners of an LLC, in relation to their various agreements relating to the operations of the business entity involved, or the distribution of profits, or other issues relating to management or control; we have assisted majority shareholders of corporations in disposing of issues with other shareholders.
  • Actions for Partition – is a dispute where one party/owner of property is seeking to have the Court divide the property that is jointly owned.
  • Landlord/tenant Disputes – Legal actions or summary proceedings, by overaggressive builders, developers or Landlords who seek improperly to evict tenants, residential or commercial.
  • Collection Matters – We have assisted companies and businesses to collect substantial monies due them on Contracts, Goods Sold and Delivered and on Services Performed; and on Judgments obtained whether in or outside of Florida; we have also assisted out of State attorneys to collect on pre-existing Judgments from defendants/judgment-debtors in Florida.

We take a tenacious and aggressive approach, combined with common sense, to help resolve disputes economically and efficiently. This approach has worked well for many of our diverse commercial litigation clients. We try to resolve your case using common sense and reason, but if not possible, we will fight and do battle as ferociously as necessary. We have represented large corporate clients, small businesses, and individuals. Regardless of your size, you will not get lost at our small law firm because we focus on solving your problems and helping you prosper in this economy.

Business Transactions

Why should you see a lawyer about your Florida business law needs? Because working with an attorney helps you understand how you may be affected by state and federal business laws. It helps protect your rights and interests during a transaction, so that you get the best deal possible now and in the future. At the Goldberg Law Group, we have been helping clients with business transactions for over 15 years. Returning, satisfied business clients often praise our record of success.

High-Quality Legal Representation for Your Business Law Needs

At the Goldberg Law Group, we address a broad range of needs related to business law transactions:

  • Dissolutions – separation of partners or shareholders of a business relationship, managing division of assets, liabilities, indemnifications, and personal guarantees.
  • Preparation business dispute agreements – helping you resolve business disputes through contract law.
  • Drafting of employment agreements – representing employers and employees.
  • Drafting partnership and LLC agreements – addressing issues related to business formation.
  • Drafting of broker agreements – protecting your interests.
  • Drafting confidentiality agreements – looking out for the best interests of your business.
  • Drafting nondisclosure agreements – protecting your trade secrets.

Transaction and Litigation Experience

Regardless of the specific needs involved in your transaction, we shape our services to flexibly accommodate you. The Goldberg Law Group began and developed their skills working for large Wall Street law firms and is an accomplished civil litigator; in both federal and New York state courts. This experience gives him the capacity to move between transactions and litigation so that we can help create commonsense solutions based on your business needs. We know that extended litigation uses resources and energy that could be better spent on your business. That is why we help our clients make cost-effective decisions that help solve business disputes.

Commercial Collections

When you are owed money on a breached commercial contract, promissory note, or from a judgment in your favor, we will tenaciously, ferociously, and effectively go after your money. At the Goldberg Law Group, we help creditors take action to reclaim what is theirs.

Using a Full Range of Legal Tools to Collect What You are Owed

The Goldberg Law Group offers over 15 years of dedication to legal practice. We strive for success in protecting creditors’ rights and collecting money for individuals and businesses. If you have a viable claim to cash, we will stop at nothing within the bounds of commercial collection law to help you. We use a full range of legal tools, like attachments, court orders, and preliminary injunctions. We are also adept at locating and freezing bank account assets.

Our law firm draws on the commercial collection experience and a high level of quality practiced by big Wall Street law firms, but we provide the personal attention and cost-effective legal representation found in small law firms. This combination allows us to collect your money quickly and without overhead. In short: we collect your money while keeping your costs at a minimum.

Lawyer Fighting Aggressively for Your Commercial Collection Rights

When we take a commercial collection case, we take a broad view of the situation. We ask what we can accomplish and how quickly. Then we set to work resolving the situation effectively and efficiently. If need be, we will fight aggressively in court.

New Business Start Ups

When you have a great idea for a new business, responsible planning for the best outcomes should include talking to a lawyer about your rights and obligations under Florida law. At the Goldberg Law Group, we can guide you through the process of starting your new business, from talking about the best entity for your purposes to helping you negotiate agreements and your commercial real estate or lease.

You can feel comfortable talking with us about your business formation needs. We are a high-quality law firm that brings Wall Street-level legal services to individuals and businesses while providing the personal attention and reasonable cost found at a small law firm. So, when you have a business idea, consult with us.

We help our business formation clients by offering a range of services to help get their businesses started:

  • Choosing a business entity – We assist with formation of the initial business entity, whether it’s a partnership, an S corporation, a C Corporation, or an LLC. We listen to your needs and advise you on which one makes the most sense for your goals.
  • Filing the proper paperwork – We help you draft the business, partnership, buyout, shareholder, or LLC agreements. At the Goldberg Law Group, we also help you file the certificate of incorporation and any necessary documentation with the state.
  • Finding the perfect business location – At our law firm, we can review your commercial lease. This may help you avoid problems down the road. New business owners often sign complicated commercial leases that can get them into a lot of trouble. In a commercial lease, it is wise to have a well-qualified lawyer review all the various lease provisions, like recapture provisions, relocation provisions, and termination provisions; guarantee; and good guy clauses, to make sure that your rights and objectives are protected.

People often think of getting into the business but often not how to get out of it. With over 15 years of experience in helping clients with business entity formation, we know that new business owners often think only of the gains related to their business, not of it terminating, or the ending of the relationship. Although we certainly hope that there will never be losses, we firmly believe that working with a lawyer is the best way to protect you from personal liability – it is just responsible business planning.

Contact the Goldberg Law Group or call (727) 898-5200 for a confidential consultation about your business information needs.